Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Landscaping to increase the value of your home

When people decide to put their home on the market, they ask themselves all kinds of questions:

How will I attract potential buyers?
How can I anticipate what people will be looking for?
Is my home too outdated?  Too modern?  Too specific to my tastes and style?

The truth is, it's almost impossible to anticipate what will attract every potential buyer, since each of them will have different interests and qualities they are seeking in a home.  A good real estate agent will help you assess your home and make adjustments that will increase the "show" factor, and he/she may even recommend that you invest in some small improvements to attract potential buyers.

Still, there are general things every home seller can do to increase the likelihood that potential buyers will request a showing. Because, let's face it, booking the showing is the first, most important step, and the only way you will be able to turn those potential buyers into actual buyers by wowing them with all your home has to offer.

One of the easiest, most basic, least costly ways you can increase your property's value and show factor?  Landscaping.  After all, your home's exterior is your first impression, and, as we all know, you only get one chance to make that work.  Get it right, and people will remember.  Get it wrong, and ... yeah ... they'll remember that, too.

Watch this video for some great tips and ideas about how to quickly and easily increase the value of your home with some basic landscaping and exterior improvements.

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